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Mario and Jose Oretea, born and raised in Bolivia started playing guitar at a young age influenced by the musical culture of their family and grew up stepped in the rich music of their native Andes Culture.

From 1992 to 1997 Mario joined several musical projects of which Alejandro Camara (Bolivian Charanguist), Fortaleza Group of Ramiro de la Cerda and Tierra Nueva are well noted. Jose wile still in school joined the “Kurmi Suriki” an Autochthon music project and released an Album called ...’’Formando una Comunidad” in 1997.

In July of 1997 Mario Cesar Oretea joined in the USA tour of Fortaleza group in conjunction with Mario Leyes’s ‘Ballet Folklorico de Cochabamba” and at the return in 1998 decided with his brother and the Flutist Marco Chacolla to form the “ODEON” band a Fusion of Bolivian and Rumba Flamenco project, they performed in many well known venues in different Cities of Bolivia.

In 1998 Mario Oretea recorded an album with “Grupo Tierra Nueva” later the band invited the Oretea Brothers for their tour with Ballet Folklorico de Cochabamba to the “International Folk Festival” in Spain and visited several cities where Mario and Jose experienced the Gypsy-Flamenco culture at it’s finest.

In 2000 they moved to the USA and Founded “Duende Camaron” and recorded from 2001 to 2010 four Albums( Mi Musica , King Street, Luz Del Sol and Cadenza) with original music, they graced the stages of Smithsonian, Carter Baron Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park and the renowned Constitution Hall as well numerous Clubs, Dance Halls and popular live music restaurants such as Old Town Alexandria’s “Las Tapas”, during this period they established a reference with their Flamenco- Gipsy Kings influenced style.

The meaning of “Duende Camaron” comes precisely from that flamenco culture influence in which Duende is a state of mind in which the artist reaches a magical connection with Art and Passion, by other hand “Camaron” is the nickname of Jose Monje Cruz the most influential flamenco singer of the contemporary times.

In 2010 they moved to Miami and performed in renowned Ocean’s 10 and Cafe del Mar in Fort Lauderdale and Gulf Stream in Hallandale FL, during this period they performed in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico and Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean. Later in 2013 they moved to Los Angeles California where they met Mario Reyes and Georges Reyes of the family of Gipsy Kings and performed together in various private events in Beverly Hills.

These days they are based in Virginia (DC area) and recording a new album to be released by summer of 2019.


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